Newsletter Issue #760: Are You Waiting for the iWatch?

June 23rd, 2014

Contrary to what the Apple critics say over and over again, a lot of the things Apple is doing are innovative. From Swift, a new programming language, to the HealthKit and HomeKit features in iOS 8, there are huge improvements in Apple’s software capabilities.

Even better, there are rich opportunities for independent developers to create new generations of apps for iOS and OS X, not to mention innovative hardware that supports HealthKit and HomeKit. From a practical standpoint, developers ought to be salivating over the new ways to build products and earn comfortable livings. Nothing wrong with that, except for the silly complaints that the WWDC — a developer event — didn’t include any new hardware.

As people wonder just what new hardware Apple may release come fall, the iWatch, Apple’s variation on the smartwatch theme, is getting heavy-duty attention. Without going into unproven details, the new gadget may actually be going into production shortly. There may be multiple screen sizes, and as many as 10 (or more) onboard sensors to measure your physical condition, the position and placement of the device and things we haven’t thought about yet.

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