Newsletter Issue #767: About Non-Existent Apple Predictions

August 11th, 2014

Consider the situation. There isn’t a whole lot of new stuff coming out about Apple. We’re in that ephemeral hole between the last Apple announcement, a minor MacBook Pro with Retina display refresh and the forthcoming releases of a new iPhone, iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite.

Sure, it appears that a detente may be in the offing for Apple’s ongoing legal skirmishes with Samsung. That they won’t pursue lawsuits outside of the OS is promising, but there are still cases in the U.S. that must be settled before a final peace is at hand.

Otherwise, you have rumors and more rumors about what Apple is doing next. So-called informed sources are claiming the next iPhone launch event will be staged on Tuesday, September 9. That seems credible, considering last year’s schedule. Also, Apple would surely want to push out the next version soon, assuming there are enough units to sell in quantity, and development of iOS 8 is be complete and ready for release. Or at least ready enough to get something out there that can be fixed later on.

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