Newsletter Issue #770: Apple Support Still Far From Perfect

September 1st, 2014

Every so often, Apple announces an extended warranty repair program for a product that suffers from one or more serious defects. Over the years, Macs have been subject to special programs because of logic boards or power supplies that are prone to failure. More recently, Apple has begun replacing batteries on the iPhone 5 that are subject to premature wear.

Unfortunately, it almost seems as if the news about these special repair programs is on a need to know basis, unless you happen to stumble upon a support message at Apple’s site. So I recall an episode where a friend, a graphic designer, replaced a component in his iMac’s power supply. He was charged several hundred dollars for the privilege by an authorized repair shop.

Now you may know where I’m going with this. When the problem occurred a second time, my friend took his iMac to an Apple Store, only to discover that the repair was actually covered under an extended warranty. What about the previous repair? Well, Apple arranged for him to get his money back. That’s a good thing. The offending dealer, by the way, is now out of business, but shady behavior may be only one of the reasons.

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