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Newsletter Issue #772: When Success is Not Success

If you were waiting patiently, hoping to order an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus on the morning of Friday, September 12, you might have been very disappointed. Apple’s servers were slammed, delivering “sorry” messages to many of those who fought to get a connection and place an order.

It was no better at the wireless carrier sites, where the ordering systems were just overwhelmed. What’s more, it didn’t take so long for delivery times to slip, first with the iPhone 6 Plus, and later by its smaller compatriot. It may also be that Apple didn’t have as many of the phablet-sized iPhones to ship, so available, or anticipated stocks were quickly depleted.

Of course, the number of units available for shipment on the day of release will probably not be known, although one might make educated guesses from the initial sales figures. It’s also very likely that Apple won’t actually break down the numbers for the various models, except in general. So if Apple says that the larger model did better than anticipated, that’s a good thing since prices — and profits — are higher. Well, except for some tech pundits who will complain about poor planning.

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