Newsletter Issue #776: What Gear Does Apple Need to Refresh?

October 13th, 2014

When Apple schedules a media event, there’s a teaser, a phrase or two to convey possible hints and drive speculation as to what’s to come. But what does Apple mean by, “It’s been way too long”? Too long for what?

Predictably, especially tech writers who cover Apple, are wondering about the products that haven’t been updated in a while, assuming they will be, in part, among the bill of particulars. But you also have to wonder just how many product lines can fit into a single session. After all, this event is scaled down compared to the September extravaganza that included the new iPhones, Apple Watch, and a guest appearance by U2.

So perhaps Apple doesn’t have anything near as critical to the company’s bottom line, but still there are products that sorely need a refresh. Yet the most common speculation is about the iPad, which had its last refresh roughly a year ago. So that’s pretty much par for the course, though I suppose their might be more changes afoot this time to help boost flagging sales. Or it may be a predictable upgrade with the usual faster processors, maybe better cameras, and surely Touch ID.

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