Newsletter Issue #786: Apple Mail: It Works When it Doesn’t Frustrate

December 22nd, 2014

As most of you know, I’ve pretty much settled on Apple Mail for my email needs since the early days of OS X. I’ve struggled with Microsoft Entourage and its successor, Outlook for Mac, but never seemed to find myself comfortable with the bloated interface and lagging performance. With the Outlook 365 beta released to Mac users a while back, they promised better performance. Maybe, but not enough to notice under most conditions.

From time to time, I’ve tried Thunderbird and other email clients, but they never seem to anticipate my simple needs better than Apple. You see I don’t want whiz-bang organizational capabilities. My organization is done with a set of rules on my email server, or via iCloud and Google. That’s more efficient then doing it directly from an app, because those settings would have to be repeated on every computer you own, and they aren’t available on an iOS device.

For me, I want email that fits into certain categories, such as payments or bills, to go into targeted folders. That way I can check them when new messages show up without having them join the clutter of regular messages. With Mail, I can also flag certain messages that I need to check from time to time, such as web server setup details or perhaps some suggestions from a support person about optimizing the server or fixing a recurrent problem. As you see, none of these needs are altogether difficult.

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