Newsletter Issue #790: A Short Report About Upgrading to a Mac Server

January 19th, 2015

When I first got online, I didn’t pay much thought to whether the server was a Mac, a PC, or a dedicated Linux server. The main reason was that, in those days, Mac web servers were few and far between, and thus not very cost effective. At a time when I could only manage a few dollars a month to have my site hosted, I looked for hosts who had low prices with the promise of high performance.

I never once considered a Windows server, although they are still widely used. In large part, Linux owns the web. You see, Linux servers are plentiful, cheap, speedy, reliable and not subject to much in the way of malware. They are also predictable, and though management isn’t always as easy as I’d like, my sites rarely go offline.

Now some manage web services with the command line, just as you can do in OS X. While I have some level of command line experience, I am mostly a dabbler in such things. Of course, I’m quite good at copying and pasting an appropriate command, and that largely keeps me out of trouble. For day-to-day use on my Linux servers, I mostly use cPanel, which is published by a Houston-based company and powers sites run by some of the largest — and smallest — web hosts. It has a fairly decent graphical interface, and if you stay in your comfort zone, you can manage your sites without much difficulty.

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