Newsletter Issue #792: The “Why Didn’t Apple Fix It” Report

February 2nd, 2015

For some of you, these are trying times for Apple customers. While things should just work, or mostly just work after a bug fix or two, of late there appear to be serious defects that impact an unknown but possibly sizable number of customers that aren’t getting fixed. Before I go on, I have to tell you that I’m not having most of these problems, having run several Macs and iOS devices with the latest and greatest OS versions.

So the issues I’ve encountered are usually far more subtle, and thus may not rise to the top of a fixer-upper spreadsheet or flow chart and thus may not get fixed anytime soon. So Apple Mail continues to lose the display of the number of messages in a folder. On occasion, Mail for iOS 8 will just quit, or will refuse to rotate when I turn my iPhone from landscape to portrait. For the first, quitting the app and relaunching works for a while, and the solution to the second is the equivalent, to force quit from the multitask menu. I’ve also encountered iCloud sync problems in recent days that Apple support is investigating.

Unfortunately, the other problems are far more serious for those who have confronted them. The two OS X Yosemite fixes released so far were supposed to repair Wi-Fi connection issues. To some they do. To others they don’t, and thus there are some online remedies posted that are supposed to repair the problem.

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