Newsletter Issue #793: The Media Continues to Claim Apple’s Days Are Numbered

February 9th, 2015

The other day, I read a column in a tech blog that praised Apple’s performance under Tim Cook and the company’s stellar financial performance, particularly in the last quarter. When Steve Jobs and Tim Cook were compared, it was about the company being managed by an executive rather than an entrepreneur.

So far so good, but you can bet the piece would soon jump off the rails.

When it came to Apple’s pace of innovation over the years, the writer imagined that Apple somehow released the iMac, iPod, the iPod nano, the iPod mini, the iPhone, the App Store and the iPad in quick succession. Why make a fuss over three different iPads? Because Apple, under Jobs, had no compunction about dumping a successful product and releasing a new version. As for the rest, the writer seemed to have forgotten that this rapid pace of innovation occurred over a period of 12 years between the release of the first iMac and the first iPad.

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