Newsletter Issue #797: Postponing a Rumor

March 9th, 2015

For a company that prides itself on secrecy, Apple certainly gets a lot of press. True, Tim Cook has been traveling hither and yon in recent weeks releasing juicy tidbits here and here. So we learned a little bit more about Apple Watch, but I’ll avoid that subject simply because this column would otherwise be outdated by the time many of you read it.

Instead, I’ll focus on the assumption that other products must be announced at that singular event. Now maybe they will, and thus my efforts to keep the column current will be wasted. While it’s always possible there will be a simple MacBook Air refresh, I’m more interested in the rumored products that seem to have slipping ship dates.

The most common rumors don’t appear to be made up stories. Some of it comes from no less than the Wall Street Journal, an Apple preferred newspaper, so you expect there’s some truth involved. But things can be extrapolated real fast and the story becomes outdated, or just plain wrong. Worse, a story in what is considered a responsible source will be repeated by other media outlets, and each repetition might include some further speculation. The story soon gets out of control.

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