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Newsletter Issue #803: The Apple Gear is Too New Argument

The long and short of it is that, if you believe some people, don’t ever (and I mean never) buy the first version of anything from Apple. It will be fatally flawed, and some of those flaws may not be fixable via a simple software update. So you’ll be stuck with buggy gear for being so damned impatient. If you just wait a few years, all will be right with the world and you’ll get something that truly realizes its potential.

You can see this with the reviews of the 2015 MacBook. Apple overhauled the note-book computer to become a device that mostly connects wirelessly, perhaps a Mac version of an iPad without the touchscreen. That being the case, the need for hard-wired ports is lessened, which means for simpler circuitry, a smaller logic board, and maybe even a slightly lower price.

At $1,299, the 12-inch MacBook is thought to be expensive, but is it? The cheapest 11-inch MacBook Air is $899, so that would surely buttress the argument. But wait just a moment! If you add 256GB SSD to match the capacity of the one on the MacBook, the MacBook Air’s price increases by $200. You want 8GB of RAM? Prepare to spend another $100. Remember that RAM can’t be upgraded on this model, so you can’t do it later. But you end up with a purchase price of $1,199.

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