Newsletter Issue #805: Old Apple Myths Never Die

May 4th, 2015

On the first day I used a Mac, I was told that it wasn’t suited for real work. I should be using a PC running — then — a version of MS-DOS, or at least that’s what they said. Real PC users shouldn’t be pointing and clicking when they had all that command line goodness.

Of course, graphical interfaces became acceptable once Microsoft got Windows perfected to the point were it was mostly usable. But that took a few years; Windows 95 is said to be the first adequate version that was embraced by even some departing Mac users. My early experiences writing versions of a few of my books on a Windows PC were nonetheless painful, and those early Windows emulators for Macs were even worse, since performance was so slow.

But this isn’t a Windows versus Mac critique. It’s about the myths that have arisen about Macs — and Apple in general — through the years, some of which have not changed. So the other day, on a forum devoted to my paranormal radio show, I still saw evidence of the belief that a Windows PC is designed for real work and a Mac for other things. What other things? Well, it has long been true that the Microsoft platform has more games, and thus dedicated gamers have purchased costly souped up PCs to play their favorites.

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