Newsletter Issue #808: Expecting the Next Version of OS X

May 25th, 2015

As the Yosemite era draws to a close, speculation is mounting over what Apple has in store for its sequel. Although yet another Yosemite update — version 10.10.4 — is under construction, it’s high time to move on. This was not a terribly robust release.

With an App Store rating of just a tad better than two-and-a-half stars, Yosemite hasn’t quite received the love of its predecessors even though more than 60% of the Mac user base has upgraded so far. That will only increase before 10.11 arrives if only because of the continued high sales of new Macs preloaded with Yosemite.

First and foremost, it appears as if Apple maybe tried to do a little too much too quickly with Yosemite. The concept of Continuity and its related feature, Handoff, is a worthy enough scheme to allow the desktop and mobile systems to play well together. So you can read and respond to text messages received on your iPhone with either an iPad or a Mac. You can take phone calls, and, when it works, actually start work on one device in Mail, Pages and other supported apps, and continue where you left off on another Apple gadget.

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