Newsletter Issue #816: Another Report about the Hit Bait Generation

July 20th, 2015

You probably recognize the tune. One big way for a site to attract traffic is to include Apple Inc. in the title, even if the article makes only a passing reference to the company. It doesn’t matter whether it comes from an individual blogger or a multinational publishing conglomerate. Unfortunately, it also doesn’t matter if the story is true, half-true or totally false. Just say “Apple-yadda-yadda” and people will pay attention, or at least that’s what they must believe.

That explains why alleged Apple scandals still get coverage even after they are over and done with or were not what they were claimed to be. I mean, do you still want to hear about AntennaGate?

I can give lots of examples, but one immediately comes to mind. The other day, in one of my forums, someone posted a link to last year’s BBC documentary that attacked Apple’s treatment of factory workers in its Asian supply chain. This is old news. The New York Times ran a hit piece about it a few years ago, but the claim is similar. Workers who build Apple’s gadgets are getting slave wages, and working long hours in substandard factories. The number of suicides is, as a result, extremely high.

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