Newsletter Issue #817: A Look at the “I Quit” Syndrome

July 27th, 2015

As you know, it’s quite normal for someone to switch products if you’re not satisfied. If your current car isn’t exciting you, or perhaps you’re sick and tired of all those trips to the repair shop, you’ll pick a different brand next time. Perhaps you just want to try something new, or if you received a bonus from your employer, and you’ve discovered a great lease offer on a luxury car, you may be tempted to take the plunge.

Most of you probably upgrade your smartphones every couple of years. So it’s not uncommon to switch to a different brand. Or even a different platform. So there are people who switch to an iPhone and others who switch from the iPhone to an Android phone, such as one from Samsung. Of course, nobody has to justify their decision. It’s a matter of personal preference, budget, or the availability of a gadget that strikes your fancy.

But some tech bloggers have decided that articles threatening to quit a product or platform, or actually quitting, constitute something significant. It the decision was somehow forced upon them by a buggy product or service, it is granted more significance than just a casual decision.

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