Newsletter Issue #819: 300 Channels and Nothing to Watch

August 10th, 2015

You know the story. You wake up on a Sunday morning, turn on the “tube,” and rummage through many channels in search of something to watch. Since you have one of the higher tiers from your cable or satellite connection, you have plenty of listings. You may not have even heard of many of the channels, but you soldier on, catching snippets of unfamiliar shows while checking the Info screens to see if there’s something, anything worth keeping on, even for background noise.

This is not an unfamiliar scenario in the Steinberg household. While I’ve scaled down the selection to keep the price down — with an eye towards the latest and greatest discount deals they are offering to keep my business — I ran into just this problem before I wrote this column. It was all so frustrating, but finally I selected reruns of “Law & Order,” and there are 465 episodes to be found. And I’m not even including the spin-off shows.

The rest? Well we aren’t into sports that much (at least after the Dodgers left Brooklyn when I was very, very young). We have no need for children’s shows since our one-and-only son is pushing 30, and there are no grandchildren.

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