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Newsletter Issue #825: Some iOS 9 Issues — Real and Otherwise

The dust is settling, and it does appear iOS 9 may have more glitches than it seemed on the very first day. However, Apple is also reporting that over 50% of the user base has already upgraded. This despite the fact that some have encountered installation glitches that will require restoring your device. Otherwise the iOS 9 upgrade process is less troublesome than its predecessor, in large part because it requires less than a third of the storage space needed for iOS 8. That situation made it extremely difficult for storage-challenged iPhones and iPads to be upgraded last year.

But it’s not problem free. There are reports of crashing apps, which is being blamed on iOS 9. But it may just be that many of the offending apps merely need to be upgraded to support the new OS. I know I found over two dozen ready to upgrade as soon as iOS 9 was installed on my iPhone. Some of these updates were designed to support such new features as improved multitasking, mostly on the more recent iPads, but there were compatibility issues too.

As it stands, and I haven’t gone through each and every app’s features on my iPhone to confirm this observation, it appears just one suffers from a crashing problem. That’s Speedtest X, which is an Internet benchmarking utility. As soon as I start a test, it’s gone. All told, only one incompatible app isn’t so bad, and perhaps some of the other reports of crashing will be resolved with an upgrade that’s already available, or one that’s coming soon. I had a similar problem with the Washington Post’s “Classic” app, but removing and reinstalling took care of that problem.

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