Newsletter Issue #832: What About the Open/Save Dialog, Apple?

November 9th, 2015

Way back in the early 1990s, I discovered a fancy Open/Save dialog utility known as SuperBoomerang. Its main stock and trade was to rebound or return to the last used file in either dialog. There were other features that included such Finder specialties as renaming a file or folder, or moving it to the Trash. If you managed lots of files, it could be a real time saver.

Despite glitches here and there — remember we’re talking about Mac OS 7.x here, infamous for being buggy — I came to rely on such a handy utility. For a time I even experimented with a competitor that was, for a time, part of Norton Utilities for the Mac, known as Directory Assistance. It offered similar functions, but I always returned to SuperBoomerang.

Over time, SuperBoomerang went from independent status to becoming a part of Now Utilities, a set of handy Mac OS enhancements — buggy as well — that became essential to my workflow.

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