Newsletter Issue #837: Does It Always Have to Be About the iPhone?

December 14th, 2015

The other day, I saw a photo of actress Melissa Benoist, star of the TV series, “Supergirl,” wearing her costume while seated on the set crouching over her smartphone. I assume it happened between takes. I don’t know if it was an iPhone or not, but it leads me to the subject of this week’s lead article.

Now remember the edict: If you want lots of traffic for your blog, make sure it’s about Apple — or pretends to be about Apple. So there’s a story in a certain newspaper of record that complains about the downsides of ubiquitous smartphones. Now the main focus seems to make sense until it begins to go off the rails, and why must it be about the iPhone?

Indeed, the article itself doesn’t actually mention the iPhone or any handset specifically. It’s about the headline writer trying to add a little punch.

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