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Newsletter Issue #838: Thirty Years of Being Productive on a Mac

Although some of you think of me as just another Apple fan, the truth is more nuanced. Over the years, I’ve used Windows PCs, and I even spent a while with a pair of Samsung smartphones, trying to see how the other half lives. These days, I have essentially given up on Android, except for testing and evaluating ongoing changes.

When it comes to mobile phones, just remember that it’s practical to have multiple handsets set up with the same number and just move back and forth among them. It’s one or the other, and it’s not the same as a traditional telephone (landline or VoIP), where you can swap handsets simply by plugging in a different device.

In any case, I have tried to do the very same things on both a Mac and PC. No operating system is perfect, and there are well known Mac issues. But in the normal course of events, I find a Mac easier to use, and often requiring fewer steps to do something. Macs also develop fewer problems, are simpler for IT people to configure and more reliable in regular use. That explains why IBM has concluded that the Macs they set up on their networks have an ownership cost that’s $270 less than a PC.

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