Microsoft Did — What?

January 19th, 2016

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One Response to “Microsoft Did — What?”

  1. DaveD says:

    At first, Microsoft offered a free Windows 10 upgrade to current users of Windows 7/8. The free offer would then expire in one year. Those users who accepted the offer would send an upgrade request to Microsoft. If granted, Microsoft would deliver the Windows 10 upgrade files to your PC. I thought that this chosen method was to prevent Microsoft’s servers from being overwhelmed. Not too long after, Microsoft began pushing the upgrade package to all eligible users’ PC. Now this, to say PC with “Skylake” processor should run only on Windows 10 seemed heavy handed.

    I had expected that every Windows 8 users would be the first to upgrade bailing that version. Was quite surprised to read that there are lingering users. I fully understand why a Windows 7 user would not do the upgrade. Windows 7, a cleaned up Windows Vista disaster, is well-liked, time-tested with excellent third-party software/developers support.

    All this finicky actions by Microsoft with Windows 10 smells like “desperation.”

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