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Newsletter Issue #846: The Silly Discussions That Just Won’t Go Away

Over the years, Apple has had a hard time being taken seriously as a company, even as it rose to the number one spot in terms of market cap. The Mac was regarded as little more than a toy in the old days, and I suspect some still don’t take it seriously. The iPhone? Well, the competitors were too busy aping its looks and feel, so perhaps there wasn’t enough time to claim it couldn’t possibly work.

But that didn’t stop Steve Ballmer, then Microsoft’s CEO, from calling it essentially a worthless product. Famously, Microsoft has been unable to come up with a mobile phone platform that has a ghost’s chance of succeeding. Today, Microsoft is struggling to persuade customers to upgrade to Windows 10. Despite the boast of over 200 million installations, compared to 1.5 billion Windows users, that’s a drop in the bucket. Remember that Windows 10 is a free upgrade as part of a curious program where it may or may not carry a price tag after a year if you don’t get with the program.

Now the main point of this article is not skepticism about Apple, but about people who should know better writing foolish stuff. So there have been recent examples suggesting whether it makes sense for Apple to continue to build Macs. When I read such absurd suggestions, I have to wonder whether to laugh or cry, because the implications are just plain absurd.

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