Newsletter Issue #849: More Spec Stupidity

March 7th, 2016

So I read an article in a business publication that made some strong pronouncements about the performance of a product that the blogger never actually tested. This is the sort of behavior that I see quite often, and it goes to show utter desperation in trying to make it seem as if one product is better than another. It seems to happen more often when Apple makes one of those products.

In this case, the comparison is between an iPhone 6s, released in September of 2015, and the just-launched Samsung Galaxy S7. Clearly the intent was to demonstrate that the camera system on Samsung’s new high-end smartphone must, inevitably, be far superior to Apple. The article went on to list the specs of the two to present evidence of Apple’s inferiority. Clearly iPhones were attacked as behind being the times, that it was time for Apple to get it together.

Only one thing: The blogger never actually tested anything. He merely assumed, based on the specs, that the Samsung must have a superior camera and take superior pictures. But as Apple has demonstrated over and over again through the years, it’s not just the numbers that count. When it comes to actually taking pictures, an iPhone ranks among the best in the industry.

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