Newsletter Issue #852: The iPad Use Case: Is There Anything New?

March 28th, 2016

The 9.7-inch iPad Pro’s arrival was anticipated with speculation that it would be all or mostly a smaller version of the original 12.9-inch model introduced last fall. That was close to the truth, although the smaller tablet has some enhancements that would cater to people who actually try to do work on them. Key examples include True Tone, which adapts the display’s color rendition based on ambience light plus a wider color gamut. The iSight camera is closer to an iPhone 6s in terms of specs and capabilities, and that better serves both consumers and the enterprise.

Clearly development didn’t stop with the release of the larger iPad Pro, which will probably gain these and other features when it is refreshed. But the key is that Apple could have saved lots of development dollars with a basic transplant, rather than continue to develop components and product features to perform better and faster. Indeed, the mid-sized iPad Pro, despite the higher price, may become the go-to tablet for businesses who don’t require something larger.

Well, at least that appears to be the hope, since it is being equipped in ways that people watching Netflix may not be so concerned about, even if it does deliver a better picture. Apple is touting it as a potential PC replacement, and it does seem the hardware is quite capable of handling that chore with benchmarks close to that of the larger model. Those benchmarks put it within striking distance of Mac notebooks of a few years ago, and, according to Apple, most of today’s PC portables.

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