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Newsletter Issue #860: Debating Apple’s Future

If you thought Apple was getting a little too much attention before, you haven’t seen anything yet (I avoid the famous ungrammatical version of that phrase). Now that the company’s solid growth has stalled, for at least one quarter and possibly two, there is hyper-attention on everything Tim Cook and crew devise.

This week, the coverage included Cook’s meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India. You’d think that the Apple CEO’s trip to India involved a visit by a President for the coverage it received. But the four-day visit included launching a development center and making plans to open retail stores in that country. Apple is looking towards India’s growing middle class as a huge potential source of new customers over the next few years.

Of course, as the world continues to develop, assuming there’s no planet-wide financial breakdown, Apple will soon be out of space in which to grow. But there are certainly hundreds of millions of additional potential customers to be found, and it does seem Apple will go after every last one of them, or at least the ones with enough money to actually buy something.

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