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Newsletter Issue #864: The Strange Case of the Empty Mailboxes

This is a weird story and, as the result of the fact that I host a popular paranormal radio show, you might think weird is my middle name. Forget for the moment that my parents, in their infinite wisdom, opted not to give me a middle name; they didn’t have one either. But after many years following the personal computing world, lots of things have happened.

But few match what happened twice in recent weeks.

Let me explain: My copy of Mail for El Capitan has eight active email accounts. This may seem to be overkill, but there is method in my madness. You see, I want to compartmentalize my various projects, such as the two radio shows. By having separate Inboxes, Sent boxes, and so forth and so on, I can be assured my responses, often rushed, are in the proper context. I realize some of you might prefer to throw it all into a single iCloud or Gmail account, but with 250,000 messages going back to 1999, I’d quickly exceed their storage limits and then some.

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