Newsletter Issue #866: Recasting Apple Music

July 4th, 2016

All this for a headphone jack. First comes the claim that the iPhone 7 must be a minor update because, well, the case will look pretty much the same as the current model. Such reports are apparently based on alleged prototypes that strongly resemble the iPhone 6s.

Perhaps that’s true. There’s no way to know right now because, even if the prototypes are real, they may not represent the final production configuration. Things change, although it’s probably close enough to final production that those pictures, again if they’re genuine, ought to more closely represent the finished product.

On the other hand, the critics who insist Apple ought to just follow what Google or Samsung does are missing the point. Google has not been successful at premium smartphones, not in the least. Samsung moves far fewer Galaxy smartphones than iPhones. Samsung’s advantage is in low-end gear that earns little in the way of profits.

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