Newsletter Issue #871: Any Tea Leaves About Future Apple Products?

August 8th, 2016

It’s almost a given that Apple is deeply interested in the auto industry and might just be working on an electric car, dubbed Apple Car. Or at least that’s what Project Titan was supposed to be about, since it has been populated with veteran car executives from major companies. Why bother to bring such people on board without such a game plan?

From there, the speculation has taken on a few twists and turns, and some of it may be the result of desperation rather than meaningful news. So it was reported that veteran Apple hardware executive Bob Mansfield had taken over Project Titan. Although he lacks auto industry experience, he is skilled at bringing products to market. So it may well be his organizational abilities were needed to get the project back on track. In that respect, he might be Tim Cook’s personal troubleshooter.

Days after Mansfield’s new job was reported, yet another report appeared to point to a different direction for Project Titan as a result of the hiring of Dan Dodge, co-founder of QNX. That’s an OS widely used by auto makers in their infotainment systems.

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