Newsletter Issue #874: Silly Smartphone Product Comparisons

August 29th, 2016

Certain tech pundits — people I don’t actually regard as terribly well informed — will tell you that the iPhone 6s is now way behind the curve because of newer Android gear, such as the Samsung Galaxy S7. They will list chapter and verse of specs that appear to overpower Apple, and features you cannot find on an iPhone. They don’t bother to explain whether those features work very well, or even if they are needed.

Whenever the argument is raised, I merely cite the Samsung Galaxies that offered a feature called Tilt to Scroll, which supposedly did what the name implied. You tilted the device to engage an automatic scrolling feature. When it worked, it was dead slow, and when it didn’t, you just sat there looking foolish.

For me, it always seemed to work when I set the scrolling speed, but never when I tried to actually use the feature. This hasn’t stopped such publications as Consumer Reports from rating the Samsung superior to the iPhone mostly on the basis of features. CR also suffers from the careless or deliberate inability to evaluate operating systems as to responsiveness, reliability, and security.

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