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Newsletter Issue #879: More Bits and Pieces About macOS Sierra

Nearly two weeks in, I continue to find macOS Sierra to be mostly a very satisfactory upgrade. As most of you know, I don’t care so much about Siri. It works, and I realize it’ll have value for those of you who are involved with using Siri on your iOS gear, but that’s not me. I use Siri for directions and for setting alarms on my iPhone. I know I’m missing out on a lot, and maybe I’ll consider that when I grow older.

But not today.

In saying that, I realize that many of you have come to love Apple’s digital assistant, that you might regret that it doesn’t do more things. But one key limitation in Apple’s efforts to expand its use of artificial intelligence is that it will not scrape your personal information from your devices in the fashion of Google or Microsoft. So it has to be smarter, and perhaps, over time, it’ll learn more without touching your privacy.

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