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Newsletter Issue #880: Of Scandals and More Scandals

It is very common to append the label “gate” on any alleged scandal, all originating from the infamous Watergate break-in at Democratic headquarters that ended up with Richard Nixon resigning as President of the U.S. At the time, the Watergate contained offices, hotel rooms and condos. I should know, as my uncle, agricultural consultant Martin Sorkin, was living there when my first wife and I spent the night at his home in June, 1972.

A week later, well, you probably know the rest.

Today, the Watergate appears to be mostly a luxury hotel with nightly rates beyond what regular people can usually afford. But the reputation remains, and almost every time something that appears akin to a scandal occurs, the name must contain the word “gate.” But if you consider the way it was originally used, Watergate would actually become “Watergate Gate.” But cultural memes never die, despite the facts.

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