Newsletter Issue #886: The Things They Want Apple to Do

November 21st, 2016

It’s perfectly fine to make a company know what you’d like them to do, the products they should make, the products they shouldn’t make, and the changes that should be made. Apple has attracted a particularly loyal user base, so it’s understandable they feel part of a family and free to make suggestions. Compare that to most tech companies that build commodity gear. Are Dell’s customers as concerned about the form and features of that company’s PCs, which largely resemble the PCs made by other companies?

To some, whatever Apple does is wrong. When a product doesn’t seem as successful as it might have been, the anger level increases.

So I recall when Apple released the Power Macintosh G4 Cube in 2000. It was an attractive box, and I wrote at the time, in one or more of my reviews and commentaries, that it struck me as a potential museum piece; I was echoing a piece of dialog from an Indiana Jones movie. It was also flawed, with occasional cracks showing up the plastics at the curves of the case, and it was probably too small, which made installing some internal PCI upgrade cards difficult or just not possible. In short, it struck some as an overpriced indulgence. Perhaps Steve Jobs wanted to duplicate the original NeXT Cube in modern form.

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