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Newsletter Issue #889: So is the Touch Bar Only the Beginning?

Shortly before I began to write this column, I saw a TV ad for the new MacBook Pro. The only memorable part was the flashy deomonstration of the joys of the Touch Bar, and it is the tentpole feature of the new notebooks. The rest isn’t quite so important. It doesn’t matter that it’s thinner and lighter, but promises the same battery life as the last version. Well, except for those who claim it doesn’t. It’s also a tad faster and the SSD is much quicker.

Forget about the argument about whether the Touch Bar is really a feature that can appeal to professionals. I’ll just accept that it can be, based on the demonstrations at the Apple media event that focused on Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro X. The fact that developers are busy adding support to their own apps indicates they have confidence that Apple is pointing the way to a useful addition in personal computing.

Sure, Apple sells far more notebooks than desktops these days. I am sure only the iMac yields decent sales in the latter category. When it comes to portables, a decent proportion of sales will go to the MacBook Pro, but lots of people have purchased MacBook Airs in recent years. My son acquired one earlier this year, and no doubt for the same reasons others buy the cheaper models — price.

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