Newsletter Issue #890: Post-Fact Reporting is Not New for Apple

December 19th, 2016

Over the years, a slew of alleged journalists and bloggers have written stuff about Apple that just isn’t true, or is partly true but quickly goes off the rails. Time and time again, their pronouncements are regularly refuted by a variety of columnists. Macworld’s mythical crypto-creature, “Macalope,” writes columns three times a week demonstrating when yet another online writer is making things up about Apple, or deliberately misunderstanding what they do, most likely to keep the AdSense ad dollars — from click-throughs — coming in.

What’s most curious about this phenomenon is not the goal of making money, but the fact that you can disprove the phony theories, misleading arguments, and outright lies, over and over again, and it doesn’t make a difference. To them, facts don’t seem to matter.

So you make the corrections — and I do it too from time to time — and a few days, weeks or months later, the same bloggers return to repeat the same nonsense. So is this all about the ad money, the need for attention — good or bad doesn’t seem to matter — or an honest-to-goodness belief in something that just happens not to be true?

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