Newsletter Issue #892: Apple — Waiting for Innovation?

January 2nd, 2017

The media is busy tripping over themselves to pronounce 2016 as a bad year for Apple. Supposedly they fell short on the innovation front. One major national daily newspaper awarded a mediocre B- rating as a result. Others were even less disposed towards Apple’s abilities to deliver the goods.

While there are legitimate reasons to criticize Apple, you have to wonder how a company that can generate a couple of hundred billion dollars every year can be so terribly flawed? The implication is that Apple has this cult of hundreds of millions of avid fans that have been brainwashed into buying iPhones, iPads, Macs, and the Apple Watch, not to mention downloading stuff from the app stores and iTunes.

Do you see a disconnect here? Or does Apple’s management still have the ability to generate a reality distortion field to fool people into spending large sums of money on their gadgets? This is certainly an amazing ability that any political candidate would love to acquire. They would win elections by landslides without actually having to compete with anyone for votes.

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