Newsletter Issue #894: It’s All on Apple — As Usual

January 16th, 2017

So consider some of the so-called conventional wisdoms we hear about in the tech business. You know what I mean: The smartphone has reached the zenith of its development curve. Everyone who wants one has one, except for developing countries where people are just catching up. Besides, cheap gear from Chinese handset makers, with all or most of the features of the expensive gear from Apple and Samsung. will soon take over. It’s the PC playbook all over again. Companies are already racing to the bottom in trying to build gear that costs less and less. Profits be damned!

I suppose that seems logical enough. Existing gear is probably good enough for most people, and except for countries where people just can’t afford them, what magnificent features can manufacturers devise to entice people to upgrade in massive numbers? And if the existing gear keeps working well enough — and doesn’t need a new battery or some other costly repair — users are more inclined to hang onto them for a little longer.

So what’s Apple going to do in order to boost smartphone sales?

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