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Newsletter Issue #897: On the Future of the Mac

At one time, it as felt that personal computers, in the twilight of the PC era, would serve the job as pickup trucks. Regular people would rely on “sedans,” tablets, to perform most computing functions. At least that’s what Steve Jobs told us. I won’t compare this to the American auto industry, where people have begun to choose trucks, SUVs and crossovers over sedans.

In any case, iPad sales kept climbing from its introduction in 2010 through 2013. Then it hit the wall, as sales began to drop the following year, a trend that continues across the tablet market to this very day.

PC sales mostly continue to fall. The Microsoft Surface lineup had a 2% sales decrease during the holiday quarter. Mac sales climbed to 5.4 million from 5.3 million, but some will remind us that Apple’s December quarter actually had an extra week, so if you follow week-by-week sales, there was a small drop. Choose which version you want.

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