Newsletter Issue #901: According to Reports: About Apple Rumors

March 6th, 2017

I cannot remember where I read my first Apple rumor. Perhaps it was in the late, lamented MacWeek magazine, a trade journal that catered to computing professionals, or at least those who successfully filled out a questionnaire that supposedly listed your business credentials. Well, real or imagined at any rate. Although I kept forgetting just how many employees my alleged corporation was supposed to have, I was never refused a subscription, although it had to be renewed every year.

Well, MacWeek, and it was often referred to as “MacLeak,” had a notable rumor column penned by someone named “Mac the Knife.” It was said to have been written over the years by different writers under that house pen name, and there has been speculation as to whom. A possible descendant is the Macalope, who writes an often humorous column for Macworld that joys in tearing apart fake news about Apple.

I’m not prepared to guess who Mac the Knife really was, though I have known the people who were sometimes identified with the column. Perhaps one of those people later assumed the Macalope moniker, though I have my suspicions.

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