Newsletter Issue #902: About Changes to an Unannounced Apple Product

March 13th, 2017

It’s getting closer. There’s more and more online chatter about the form and features of the next iPhone. The basic premise is that Apple will offer three models. Two will be minor refreshes of current gear, which means there will be an iPhone 7s and an iPhone 7s Plus. The new features are said to include the usual speedier processors, plus some extras, such as wireless charging support.

This is to expected, and it’s always possible Apple will add a few things that are, as yet, not predicted. But since the Asian supply chain leaks like a sieve, most of the basics will probably be known before Apple makes an official announcement in September, and I assume that date will hold. Apple would suffer if it’s delayed, although it’s always possible it’ll come earlier. But doing it after Labor Day means that the media event will come after the kids are back at school and vacation time is over for many.

But this year there may be something extra, one more thing, and that’s a specialty flagship model to honor the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. Has it been that long?

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