Newsletter Issue #903: Misleading Headlines About Samsung Smartphone Buying Plans

March 20th, 2017

There’s a story in a certain blog, which has a curious ability to constantly get things wrong about Apple, that suggests that Samsung is mostly in the clear about the aftereffects of the tragic failure of the Galaxy Note 7 phablet. As most of you know, Samsung had to discontinue the product because an unusually high number of units overheated or flamed out due to defective battery designs.

While Samsung apologized for this tragic misstep, it took a clumsy route to that destination. The product had to be recalled twice, the second time because a promised fix failed to actually eliminate the problem. Only after a second round of failures did Samsung throw in the towel.

It may be that the Galaxy Note 7 was rushed to market to beat the iPhone 7. It appears the manufacturer didn’t take enough care in designing and testing the batteries, thus resulting in those frequent failures. You’d think a company with Samsung’s experience would understand the downsides of lithium-ion technology, and the need to take extra care in designing and manufacturing such parts.

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