Newsletter Issue #905: Comparing Unreleased Apple Gear with the Competition

April 3rd, 2017

It goes without saying that Apple rarely tells us much about a new product or service before it’s available, or almost available. True, there are exceptions. The iPhone was demonstrated months before it went on sale, in part because Apple needed to get FCC approval, which threatened to reveal what was going on. Besides, since there was no existing Apple product to make obsolete — except, perhaps, the iPod — it was easy to spook the competition and send them scurrying for a response.

Or an outright dismissal that Apple was onto anything.

So we had all those complaints that Apple had no business building a product in a new category without prior experience. But how does that explain any company’s first product, or even the iPod? Even when Apple’s lack of experience wasn’t cited, there were dire predictions that the iPhone would be a big fail. Indeed, as sales climbed, those predictions were repeated, because any Apple success must be a one-off.

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