Newsletter Issue #907: The iPhone 8 With Rear-mounted Fingerprint Sensor Scam

April 17th, 2017

For a while now, you’ve been reading rumors about the form and features for the next iPhone. Only this time, it’s not just one iPhone lineup but, if the rumors are right, two. The first will be the standard “iterative” refresh, from iPhone 7 to iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7 Plus to the iPhone 7s Plus. So you can expect some new features, but it’ll look mostly the same, maybe even allow you to use the same cases.

You can probably predict some of the new features, including a faster CPU, possibly known as the A11 Fusion, improved camera — you know the score. But there might also be support for faster recharging, maybe even wireless charging. That isn’t an original concept either. I remember playing around with a “contactless” charger base at least 10 years ago. It used custom mobile handset cases with rear sensors for charging.

If Apple goes that route, however, will there be a new wrinkle? What about “real” wireless charging, which doesn’t involve having two metal pieces touch?

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