Newsletter Issue #913: About Turning Apple Into an Imitator

May 29th, 2017

You read the same stuff over and over again. Apple needs to produce this product, that product, or the other product. It has to be now, or Samsung, or Google, or Microsoft — or even Amazon — will run away with the market. Apple will never, ever be able to catch up. So time is short to join the crowd.

Forgotten is the fact that Apple didn’t get where it is matching the competition. Even when the new Apple gadget is in the same category, it’s never the same. Compare the iPod to any other digital music player of the period. After Apple took over the market, other products attempted to imitate them.

The classic example is the Mac. When it first showed up, Microsoft and its fans said that the Mac OS was for kids, a pretty toy operating system that couldn’t possibly be used for serious work. That approach continued for years, as Microsoft continued to enhance its own graphical user interface, Windows.

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