Newsletter Issue #921: Why the Night Owl Isn’t Buy a New Apple TV

July 24th, 2017

I received a third generation Apple TV in 2012 as a present. Mostly identical to its predecessor, it sported an A5 chip with support for 1080p video. Since that was the state of the art for its time, I didn’t consider what might come next, but mostly because the Apple TV was not the most important tech gadget in my arsenal.

Then as now, I used it to rent movies from iTunes and to watch content from Netflix. There were other apps, but I mostly ignored them. The somewhat sluggish multilevel user interface wasn’t conducive to much exploration, and I didn’t have all that much extra time to just play around.

My day-to-day TV fare otherwise consists of the broadcast networks, and a smattering of cable channels, such as BBC America, FX, ION Television, SyFy, TNT, USA and WGN America. Call me boring, but since all or most of these channels are available via the cheapest cable or satellite packages, I can save some money.

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