Newsletter Issue #924: So Does Apple “Get” the Living Room?

August 14th, 2017

So leave it to Apple to figure out what other companies haven’t figured out, which is how to simplify and enhance the living room experience. By that I mean doing something about the TV watching experience, as if it’s something that needs fixing.

At its core, of course, watching TV is very much the same as it was in the late 1940s, when such gear first began to show up in people’s homes in decent quantities. Before TVs arrived en masse, families would assemble for a shared experience in front of a radio. Some of them were large, in huge cabinets, demanding your attention.

Well, maybe some families. My parents had a couple of small table radios. As I grew older, they even bought me a so-called portable radio, battery operated, which I could take with me to my own room. I appreciated the independence even after my dad finally had a 21-inch black and white set delivered to our home, which meant that I didn’t have to walk over to my uncle Abe’s apartment to watch my favorite shows on his set. Abe was a tolerant sort, but it was mostly about the fact that he didn’t return home from work until later in the evening. But my aunt Lillian, who lived downstairs, had his house key.

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