Newsletter Issue #926: Meaningless Surveys in the Dog Days of Summer

August 28th, 2017

Let’s put it this way: If someone from a polling company called you up and asked about your buying plans for the next month, or the next year, how would you respond? If you did provide some answers, what sort of responses would you give, and just how serious would you take such questions?

After all, would you follow those purchase plans to the letter, or are you just thinking about them casually? Now I suppose if you were hoping to buy a new home, had the mortgage approved along with a realtor actively searching a suitable location for you, the chances are high that you’ll follow through.

I suppose the same might be said for that new car you’ve been eyeing. The 2018 models will be arriving at the showrooms over the next few weeks — well most of them — and perhaps that old clunker is, well, clunking. Again, a purchase plan would likely be carried out. I will grant that, unless you are always loyal to a certain make or model, what you end up buying might change.

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