Newsletter Issue #928: Alternatives to a Non-existent Product

September 11th, 2017

Once again, let’s put all this in perspective: On Tuesday, September 12th, Apple will hold its annual iPhone bash, where new models are expected to be introduced. There may also be a third-generation Apple Watch with an optional LTE radio, and a fifth-generation Apple TV featuring 4K and HDR.

But for the sake of this column, I’m not going to bother with much in the way of new products and product specifics beyond the iPhones. While I can read the rumor reports as well as anyone, it hardly makes sense to speculate about matters that may or may not have been made obsolete before some of you actually have a chance to read this column.

Instead, I’ll continue my focus on how the skeptical Apple media continues to try to spin their stories in a negative way. Where I discuss specs, it’s only in relation to the products you can buy now from other companies.

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