Newsletter Issue #939: Does this Set the Record Straight About iPhone X Demand?

November 27th, 2017

Without actually doing a survey, it does seem to me that the iPhone X has been the subject of more fear mongering than any other Apple gadget in recent memory. It has been positively relentless, with story after story about the alleged reasons Apple chose Face ID as the product’s biometric, its presumed shortcomings, and the alleged problems in improving production yields.

Many of the arguments against Face ID came from people who never used it. Now that the iPhone X is available at more and more dealers, it’s very possible for these alleged journalists to look at one, test one and see whether it works as advertised. If they work for a publication that can afford to lay out some cash, they can buy one, take it home and give it a full test. At the very least, they can read the dozens and dozens of posted reviews to get a sense of how well Face ID and other features operate.

For example, is the notch a distraction, or have developers begun to largely work around it? Should Apple have simply set up the display below the notch, rather than have it consume some of the space? Would that spoil the promise of an edge-to-edge display? Does it even matter?

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