Newsletter Issue #944: A Reality Check About the Most Expensive Mac

January 1st, 2018

When the original Bondi blue iMac appeared in the summer of 1998, I would not have predicted where the product would go in the next 19 years. Not even close.

At first, the iMac was marketed as a relatively low cost ($1,299) personal computer using repurposed PowerBook parts powering a 15-inch CRT display. At the time, the design got accolades for its translucent look, but not so much for the decision to dump legacy ports and focus on Ethernet and USB. There wasn’t even a floppy drive.

Over the years, the iMac got faster. Beginning with the late 2009 27-inch model, it became a credible mainstream computer that, for many purposes, was near as useful as a Mac Pro. That’s when I made the switch.

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