Newsletter Issue #950: HomePod: The Early Concerns

February 12th, 2018

In the old days when I filled my home with high-end audio gear, I might have actually considered buying a HomePod or at least requesting one for review. Anything new and different was always on my radar — way back when.

But over the years, my listening routine has been simplified. Over a decade ago, I sold a fairly elaborate audio system, worth over $10,000, to raise cash to help out a relative facing financial ruin. I did pretty well in the transaction, actually; some of those components were considered classics, but I wasn’t displeased to let them go. It had been months since I turned the system on, and my listening habits largely focused on playing music and online radio on my Mac. In our bedroom, we’d use a soundbar hooked up to our TV and Blu-ray player.

There was no need for any other components, since I just didn’t have the time to set up a separate listening area anymore and hang out on a sofa. And, no, I wasn’t into listening to music on an iPod. I just never became accustomed to using headphones except for my radio shows. I wasn’t a fan of the Sony Walkman either in its day.

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